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Donut Waffle

This is our classic waffle for those who like their waffle without any embellishments. It's fluffy and light and will change your life.

Bacon Egg n Cheese

Big C Waffles is home of the Bacon,Egg n cheese Waffles. Yes our #1 Seller with bacon, egg, and cheese inside the waffle. Pair with Uncle' Wayne's chicken, and Granny B's Kool-Aid for a life-changing experience!

Pecan Waffle

A light and fluffy waffle with slight pecan bursting with cinnamon flavor. The sweet nutty flavor goes great with Uncle Wayne's Chicken.

Blue Berry Waffles

A light and fluffy waffle bursting with blueberries. Add Uncle Wayne's Chicken and Granny B's Kool-Aid for a life-changing experience.

Red Velvet Waffle

You guess it, just like red velvet cake, this waffle is flavorful, moist, light, and fluffy. The only thing that can make this waffle better is pairing it with Uncle Wayne's Chicken!

Thinmint Waffle

Yes!!!,Only at Big C Waffles you can get a Thin mint Waffle, if you Love Thin mint look no further this is your waffle of choice. This combo also goes great with our Uncle Wayne Chicken 


Big C Dunks

Want to try more than one flavor? Order the Big C Dunks, and choose different flavors in the same basket. Add Uncle Wayne's Chicken and some Granny B's Kool-Aid for a truly life-changing experience!

Uncle Wayne's Chicken

Crispy golden wings that are seasoned and fried to perfection. They are the perfect compliment to any flavor waffle.

Granny B Kool-Aid

The best Kool-Aid ever!

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