Big C Platters

Big C Waffles Platters

Big C Waffles has created the ultimate party game changer with the Big C Waffles Party Platters and the Wings n Tings Platters.

These platters will be a guaranteed hit for you next event, office party, brunch, meeting, or birthday.

Big C Waffles Party Platter

This Platter feeds up to 16 to 30 people

You will receive 32 Big C Dunks (choose your Flavor)

You will receive 32pcs of Chicken


Wings n Tings Platter

 This Platter will feed up to 45 to 75 people

You will receive a total of 75 wings (choose your flavor)

25 Hot Wings / 25 BBQ Wings / 25 Grilled Wings or 25 Mumbo Sauce Wings


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